Social Program

The social program will include a Welcome Reception, Banquet, and special tours to sites and gastronomic adventures will be put together for the enjoyment of all ICASSP attendees and partners once we get closer to the conference.

Bukhansan National Park

With its granite peaks and Bukhansanseong Fortress, Bukhansan is perfect for hiking in all seasons.

Bridge Fountain

The Moonlight Rainbow Fountain on the Banpodaegyo bridge is the world's longest bridge fountain with 380 water jets and a dazzling array of multicolored lights.

Bukchon Hanok Village

Bukchon Hanok Village reflects 600 years of Seoul’s history. The streets are lined with traditional hanok. Unlike other hanok villages, Bukchon was not created for tourists and it is a residential village inhabited by Seoulites.


A must-go destination, Insa-dong is known for its extensive array of shops and restaurants. Make sure to see the making of the ‘Kings Dessert’ or the ‘Dragons Beard Candy’, and have a taste of these 16,000 strings of honey wrapped with a flavoring of almond, peanut or chocolate on the inside.