IEEE ICASSP 2018 || Calgary, Alberta, Canada || 15-20 April 2018
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Tuesday, April 17
13:30 - 15:30
SP-L1: End-to-End Speech Recognition I Macleod A
MLSP-L1: Compressive Sensing / Dictionary and Subspace Learning Macleod B
SS-L1: Signal Processing and Artificial Intelligence for Audio-Visual Scene Analysis Macleod C
AASP-L1: Deep Learning-based Speech Separation Macleod D
IVMSP-L1: Image/Video Coding I Glen 201-202
SAM-L1: Multi-Channel and Tensor-Based Signal Processing Glen 203-204
MMSP-L1: Joint Audiovisual Processing Glen 206
SP-P1: Emotion, Sentiment and Speech Analysis Poster Area A
AASP-P1: Active Noise Control, Echo Reduction and Hearing Instruments Poster Area B
IVMSP-P1: Image Enhancement I Poster Area C
MMSP-P1: Image Analysis and Machine Learning Poster Area D
MLSP-P1: Matrix and Tensor Methods Poster Area E
MLSP-P2: Probabilistic Models Poster Area F
SPTM-P1: Signal Processing over Graphs I Poster Area G
SPTM-P2: Classification and Pattern Recognition Poster Area H
IOT-P1: Internet of Things I Poster Area I
SPED-P1: Signal Processing Education Poster Area J
16:00 - 18:00
SP-L2: Neural Network based Speech Synthesis Macleod A
AASP-L2: Multi-microphone Speech Enhancement and Source Separation Macleod B
IVMSP-L2: Image Quality Macleod C
SAM-L2: Source Localization, Classification and Tracking I Macleod D
SS-L2: Signal Processing for Autonomous and Self Aware systems Glen 201-202
MLSP-L2: Tensor and Structured Matrix Methods Glen 203-204
DISPS-L1: Design and Implementation of Emerging Signal Processing: Machine Learning and Algorithm/Architecture Co-optimization Glen 206
SP-P2: Prosody and Emotion Poster Area A
MLSP-P3: Speech and Audio Applications Poster Area B
SP-P3: Speech Analysis Poster Area C
AASP-P2: Bioacoustics and Medical Acoustics Poster Area D
MLSP-P4: Biomedical Poster Area E
IVMSP-P2: Interpolation and Super-resolution Poster Area F
SPTM-P3: Bayesian Signal Processing Poster Area G
SPTM-P4: Adaptive Filtering and Tracking Poster Area H
MMSP-P2: Event and Object Detection Poster Area I
MMSP-P3: Multimedia Applications Poster Area J
Wednesday, April 18
08:30 - 10:30
SP-L3: Robust Speech Recognition I Macleod A
SS-L3: Machine-Type Communications and Sparsity Macleod B
MLSP-L3: Audio, Speech and Music Applications Macleod C
SP-L4: Neural Network Modeling and Learning Strategies Macleod D
SS-L4: Active Learning and Enhanced Cognition in Complex Systems Glen 201-202
IVMSP-L3: Image Feature Extraction Glen 203-204
SS-L5: Machine Learning in Medical Imaging: From Measurements to Diagnosis Glen 206
SP-P4: Speaker, Dialect, and Language ID and Multilinguality Poster Area A
HLT-P1: Language Modeling Poster Area B
AASP-P3: Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events I Poster Area C
IVMSP-P3: Image/Video Feature Extraction Poster Area D
MLSP-P5: Applications I Poster Area E
SPTM-P5: Modeling and Estimation I Poster Area F
SPTM-P6: Detection Theory and Methods I Poster Area G
IFS-P1: Information Forensics and Security I Poster Area H
IDSP-P1: Emerging Signal Processing Applications Poster Area I
HLT-P2: Dialog Systems and Applications Poster Area J
13:30 - 15:30
SP-L5: Neural Methods in Speaker Recognition and Verification Macleod A
SS-L9: Multi-Microphone Speech Recognition Macleod B
SPCOM-L1: Learning in Wireless Networks Macleod C
MLSP-L4: Learning Theory Macleod D
IVMSP-L4: Image Analysis I Glen 201-202
SAM-L3: Direction of Arrival Estimation Glen 203-204
SS-L6: Data-Driven Quality of Experience Assessment of Visual Contents Glen 206
HLT-P3: Spoken Language Understanding I Poster Area A
SP-P5: Speaker Diarization & Identification Poster Area B
SP-P6: Voice Transformation Poster Area C
AASP-P7: Music Information Retrieval II Poster Area D
DISPS-P1: Design and Implementation of Signal Processing for Learning-based Visual Applications and Filter Design Poster Area E
IVMSP-P4: Image/Video Segmentation I Poster Area F
IVMSP-P5: Image Formation Poster Area G
MLSP-P6: Applications II Poster Area H
SPTM-P7: Estimation Theory and Methods I Poster Area I
IFS-P2: Information Forensics and Security II Poster Area J
16:00 - 18:00
SS-L7: Learning Signal Representation using Deep Learning Macleod A
MLSP-L5: Unsupervised Learning Macleod B
IVMSP-L5: Video Analysis I Macleod C
SP-L6: Multi-lingual Speech Recognition Macleod D
SS-L11: Signal Processing for Spatial Audio and Virtual Reality Glen 201-202
SAM-L4: MIMO Systems and MIMO Radar Glen 203-204
SS-L8: Deep Learning for Computational Paralinguistics Glen 206
SP-P7: Deep Learning for Speaker Recognition & Verification Poster Area A
HLT-P4: Spoken Language Acquisition and Retrieval Poster Area B
SP-P8: Source Separation and Beamforming Poster Area C
AASP-P5: Acoustic Channel Estimation, Sound Field Analysis and Dereverberation Poster Area D
IVMSP-P6: Image/Video Segmentation II Poster Area E
IVMSP-P7: Retrieval Poster Area F
MLSP-P7: Applications III Poster Area G
DISPS-P2: Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems Poster Area H
SPTM-P8: Estimation Theory and Methods II Poster Area I
IFS-P3: Information Forensics and Security III Poster Area J
Thursday, April 19
08:30 - 10:30
MLSP-L6: Deep Learning I Macleod A
AASP-L5: Source Localization and Array Calibration Macleod B
AASP-L3: Music Information Retrieval I Macleod C
SP-L7: Emotion recognition and Biometrics Macleod D
SPTM-L1: Detection Theory and Methods II Glen 201-202
SPCOM-L2: MIMO with Non-Ideal Hardware Glen 203-204
SP-L8: Novel Units and Training Objectives Glen 206
SP-P9: Speech Enhancement Poster Area A
SP-P10: Keyword Spotting / Acoustic Feature Learning Poster Area B
BISP-P1: Biomedical Signal Analysis Poster Area C
IVMSP-P8: Image/Video Estimation and Applications Poster Area D
MLSP-P8: Sparse Signal Processing / Dictionary Learning Poster Area E
MLSP-P9: Unsupervised and Semi-supervised Learning Poster Area F
SPTM-P9: Nonlinear Systems and Signal Processing Poster Area G
SAM-P1: Radar Array Processing Poster Area H
SPCOM-P1: Multiuser Channels and Multicarrier Systems Poster Area I
SPCOM-P2: Coding, Transmission and Reception Poster Area J
13:30 - 15:30
MLSP-L7: Deep Learning II Macleod A
AASP-L6: Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events II Macleod B
SPTM-L2: Optimization Macleod C
HLT-L1: Spoken Language Understanding II Macleod D
IVMSP-L6: Image Restoration Glen 201-202
SS-L10: Geometry and Topology: Furthering the Reaches of Deep Learning? Glen 203-204
AASP-L4: Music Signal Analysis and Processing Glen 206
SP-P11: Robust Speech Detection Poster Area A
SP-P12: Speech Production and Perception I Poster Area B
AASP-P6: Spatial Audio Poster Area C
AASP-P4: Acoustic Array Processing and Beamforming Poster Area D
BISP-P2: Biomedical Signal Processing I Poster Area E
IVMSP-P9: Image/Video Coding II Poster Area F
MLSP-P10: Learning I Poster Area G
SPTM-P10: Sampling and Reconstruction I Poster Area H
SAM-P2: Beamforming Poster Area I
SPCOM-P3: Cloud, Fog and Cooperative Networks Poster Area J
16:00 - 18:00
MLSP-L8: Deep Learning III Macleod A
AASP-L7: Modeling, Analysis and Synthesis of Acoustic Environments Macleod B
IVMSP-L7: Image Enhancement II Macleod C
HLT-L2: Language and Dialog Modeling Telus 108-109
SPTM-L3: Modeling and Estimation II Glen 201-202
SS-L12: Geometry-Aware Auditory Scene Analysis Glen 203-204
SPCOM-L3: Massive and mmWave MIMO Glen 206
SP-P13: Robust Speech Reocognition II Poster Area A
SP-P14: Speech Synthesis, Generation and Coding Poster Area B
AASP-P8: Spatial Audio, Inpainting, Applications and Tools Poster Area C
AASP-P9: Music Signal Processing and Quality Assessment Poster Area D
BISP-P3: Biomedical Signal Processing II Poster Area E
IVMSP-P10: Image/Video Coding III Poster Area F
MLSP-P11: Learning II Poster Area G
SPTM-P11: Sampling and Reconstruction II Poster Area H
SAM-P3: Multi-Channel Imaging, Hyperspectral and Distributed Processing Poster Area I
SPCOM-P4: Localization, Learning and Smart Grid Poster Area J
Friday, April 20
08:30 - 10:30
SPTM-L4: Sampling and Reconstruction III Macleod A
SP-L9: Speech Production and Perception II Macleod B
SPTM-L5: Signal Processing Over Graphs II Macleod C
CIM-L1: Computational Imaging I Macleod D
SS-L13: Network Event Detection Glen 201-202
SS-L14: Cybersecurity and Privacy Glen 203-204
BISP-L1: Biomedical Imaging and Inverse Problems Glen 206
SP-P15: Distant Speech Recognition Poster Area A
AASP-P10: Audio Coding and Single-Channel Enhancement Poster Area B
IVMSP-P11: Image/Video Processing Poster Area C
SP-P16: Multi Model / Novel Modeling Techniques Poster Area D
MLSP-P12: Deep Learning IV Poster Area E
SPTM-P12: Topics in Sparsity-Aware and Graph Signal Processing Poster Area F
SAM-P4: Signal Detection and Parameter Estimation Poster Area G
SPCOM-P5: MIMO and Beamforming Poster Area H
SPCOM-P6: Channel Modeling and Estimation Poster Area I
BD-P1: Big Data I Poster Area J
13:30 - 15:30
SP-L10: GANs for Speech Enhancement and Recognition Macleod A
SPTM-L6: Sparsity-Aware Signal Processing I Macleod B
BISP-L2: Biomedical Signal Processing, Detection, Estimation and Sparsity-Driven Applications Macleod C
IOT-L1: Internet of Things II Macleod D
SS-L15: Human-Machine Inference Networks Glen 201-202
IFS-L1: Information Forensics and Security IV Glen 203-204
SPTM-L7: Signal Processing on Networks Glen 206
SP-P17: End-to-End Speech Recognition II Poster Area A
SP-P18: Neural Network Modeling for Acoustic Modeling Poster Area B
AASP-P11: Deep Learning-based Speech and Audio Separation Poster Area C
BISP-P4: Biomedical Imaging and Deep Learning Applications Poster Area D
IVMSP-P12: Image Analysis II Poster Area E
MLSP-P13: Deep learning V Poster Area F
SPTM-P13: Sparsity-Aware Signal Processing II Poster Area G
SAM-P5: DOA Estimation and Array Calibration Poster Area H
CIM-P1: Computational Imaging II Poster Area I
BD-P2: Big Data II Poster Area J
16:00 - 18:00
SP-L11: Neural Speech Enhancemnt Macleod A
SPTM-L8: Adaptation and Learning Macleod B
BISP-L3: Processing of Electro-physiological Signals Macleod C
BD-L1: Big Data III Macleod D
SPCOM-L4: Distributed Optimization over Networks Glen 201-202
IFS-L2: Information Forensics and Security V Glen 203-204
SS-L16: New Initiatives for Signal Processing Education Glen 206
SP-P19: Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition Poster Area A
SP-P20: Adaptive Techniques for Acoustic Modeling Poster Area B
AASP-P12: Source Separation Poster Area C
BISP-P5: Biomedical Imaging and Image Aanalysis Poster Area D
IVMSP-P13: Video Analysis II Poster Area E
MLSP-P14: Deep Learning VI Poster Area F
SPTM-P14: Sparsity-Aware Signal Processing III Poster Area G
SAM-P6: Source Localization, Classification and Tracking II Poster Area H
SP-P21: Assessment of Speech Impairments and Clinical Applications Poster Area J